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The main Belgian collections comprise RMCA, Tervuren which focuses on the afro-tropical region and RBINS, Brussels, which covers Europe and other geographical regions. Together they comprise BE-TAF and represent the best Belgium has to offer in collections and related research expertise and analytical facilities.

RBINS houses a diverse and exceptionally rich zoological collection and RMCA is a leading research institute and knowledge centre on the biodiversity of Central Africa and aims to develop interest and understanding for the African fauna in the scientific communities.

BE TAF research highlights

The research community at BE TAF is highly productive. Over 730 peer-reviewed papers were generated in 2006/2007. BE TAF research highlights include:

  • Collaboration in the development of a new methodology in ancient DNA sequencing of mammoths
  • The life history and cause of death of the famous Iguanodon dinosaurs of Bernissart finally resolved
  • Evolution of global warming through the Paleogene (65 to 23 million years ago) and its impact on the marine biosphere
  • Geochemical atlas of Europe (part 2) with interpretation of geochemical maps and related papers
  • Confirmation of the impact of mangroves in Southeast Asia as refugia for terrestrial Diptera during arid spells during the glaciations
  • Revision of all the spider families of the world
  • Website of IBISCA and database on the distribution in space and time of 500.000 arthropods in a tropical forest in Panama