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Privacy Statement

Your data & SYNTHESYS+

All applicants will need to register user information before making a proposal via the SYNTHESYS+ project portal. The project portal is hosted by the Natural History Museum and all data is held by the Natural History Museum, London as a SYNTHESYS+ co-ordinator. The privacy notice of the Natural History Museum details how the Museum will process the information provided as part of your application and outlines the Museum’s commitment to data protection legislation including the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (2018).

As part of the Grant Agreement with the European Commission, SYNTHESYS+ has core reporting responsibilities, which may include some user data attached to project proposals. All information is stored securely.

When you submit a project proposal, the information you provide is processed in the following ways:

-       Your email address is used for correspondence relating to your own proposal and will only be used by SYNTHESYS+ administrators for this purpose. You will also receive key programme information, which may include periodic updates. Email addresses can be removed from mailing lists upon user request.

-       A User Selection Panel (USP) will see the data provided in (and attached to) your project proposal, in order to make decisions on which bids to approve and reject. Find out more about the USP process here.

-       SYNTHESYS+ administrators will have access to the data provided in order to facilitate the operational activities and administration of SYNTHESYS+, to support the application and assessment process.

-       Metrics and other datasets will be submitted to:

o   The European Commission, as part of an agreed responsible reportage process.  For the full details of what information is submitted to the European Commission, please check the H2020 Periodic Report Template (section 12: Infrastructures)

o   Other reporting streams – e.g., for web or journal article purposes.

Reportage to the European Commission may include some reference to the content and nature of project proposals, as well as some personal identifiers. By this we mean names and institutional affiliations, for example when highlighting a number of notable publications to the EC, and these will be information already in the public domain.

Other reporting streams will be anonymised, categorising proposals by discipline and exclude personal identifiers.

-       All data is confidential and will not be used for any other purpose than those listed above.

-       Data added to the portal will be retained in line with European Commission guidelines so it may be retrieved for audit purposes upon request. The retention schedule is 5 full years beyond the end date of the project (end of 2023, exact date dependent upon when final reports are approved, and final payment released).

If you have any questions, please contact us at