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Applications Helpdesk

Transnational Access Call 4 closed on 15th June 2022.

Thank you to all who submitted applications for access and results will be announced over the coming months.


Guidelines for writing your Transnational Access application are provided on the Transnational Access page.

Writing a SYNTHESYS+ application requires all provisional Transnational Access users to express a detailed research methodology, justify daily infrastructure use (for example equipment in laboratories), and note expected project outputs. The Natural History Museum Management Team (NHMMT) recognise that this can be challenging, and offers a helpdesk service for applicants who wish to receive short feedback on their prospective bids.

To access this service, please send your draft project proposals to:

Applicants should include the following in the subject line of the email:

HELPDESK REQUEST; [application title]

The Helpdesk will not comment on whether a proposal may or may not be successful but can highlight strengths and weaknesses in a proposal that we would consider essential to project bids.

The Helpdesk will respond within 1 working day, acknowledging your email. Applicant feedback may take longer to collate.

All Helpdesk users should note:

  • All feedback provided by the Helpdesk is advisory.

  • Although some clarification may be provided on particular points, the Helpdesk will not provide any applicant with copywriting or editing services.

  • The Helpdesk will not comment on any aspect of the decision–making process, once successful bids are announced.

  • The Helpdesk will not comment on the merits of any proposed project outputs, or the strength of research outputs (both proposed and existing).

  • The Helpdesk will not comment on the merits of any proposed deliverables, the feasibility of project milestones, nor any aspect of proposed project planning or organisation, including risks.

  • The Helpdesk will not share information on any other proposed or received project bids. All submissions to the Helpdesk, and to SYNTHESYS+ are confidential.

Due to anticipated high demand, the Helpdesk will close on 1st June 2022.

Demand for SYNTHESYS+ funding is high, and we will not be able to fund all the projects we receive applications for. Please take this into account when planning your research.

Use of the helpdesk does not guarantee funding, or increase your chance of receiving funding. It is an advisory service. When your application is read by a User Selection Panel, it will be read alongside all other applications.


Click here for our full guide for applicants to SYNTHESYS+.

Click here to read our privacy statement, and how your data will be managed as part of the SYNTHESYS+ reporting agreement with the European Commission.