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New Releases: Biodiversity Biobanking publications

21 Mar 2023

Biodiversity biobanking publications

As deliverables of the SYNTHESYS+ Networking 3 work package, a number of publications revolving around biobank management have been released:

Corrales, C & Astrin, JJ (eds.), 2023. Biodiversity Biobanking – a Handbook on Protocols and Practices. Pensoft, Sofia. 271 pp.

de Mestier, A, Mulcahy, D, Harris, DJ, Korotkova, N, Long, S, Haeffner, E, Paton, A, Schiller, E, Leliaert, F, Mackenzie-Dodds, J, Fulcher, T, Stahls, G, von Rintelen, T, Martin, MP, Luecking, R, Williams, C, Lyal, C, Guentsch, A, Aronsson, H, Castelin, M, Pielach, A, Poczai, P, Ruiz Leon, Y, Sanmartin Bastida, I, Thines, M & Droege, G (2022) Policies Handbook on Using Molecular Collections. Research Ideas and Outcomes 9: e102908.

Corrales, C, Luciano, S & Astrin, JJ (2023) Biodiversity biobanks: a landscape analysis. ARPHA Preprints, 4, e103105.
(soon also to be transitioned to the RIO journal).

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