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EU Referendum: Statement from Natural History Museum, London

24 Jun 2016

Following the UK referendum vote on membership of the European Union, the Natural History Museum reaffirms its commitment to continue to work in European and global partnerships.

The implications of the result of the referendum are not yet clear and UK government decisions on exit from the EU have yet to be made. Indications are that the process of exit will not be initiated until October 2016.

From the time of initiation there is likely to be a two year process of exit to late 2018 during which the NHM will continue to collaborate on EU-funded projects – and to lead on some of those projects such as SYNTHESYS 3.

We are determined that the tremendous progress that we have made in collaboration with European partners will continue in the future: in digital innovation; space science; mineral exploration and use; invasive species; parasitic disease; biodiversity conservation; climate change modelling; crop science; access and sharing of scientific collections and infrastructure, and many other areas.

We are particularly proud of our successful collaboration with valued partners in the FP5, 6 & 7 Infrastructure Programmes – including ViBRANT and SYNTHESYS projects; our many Marie Curie Action projects; and our H2020 activities on space science; mineral resources and biodiversity assessment.

The NHM collaborates extensively on science in Europe and other parts of the world to create innovative digital collections, deliver cutting edge research and explore new ways of engaging and benefiting the public.  We remain committed to a vision of strategic leadership, collaboration and partnership with European, North American and other international museums to bring value to governments, scientists and the public.

NHM will work with the UK Government, funders and partners to ensure a continued contribution to vision, value, relevance and impact in international collaborative science.

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