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New species named after SYNTHESYS

05 Nov 2014

We have received the following news from Miguel Alonso-Zarazaga, one of our SYNTHESYS Access Users who visited DK-TAF in 2008 under the first SYNTHESYS project:

“As a sign of gratitude to SYNTHESYS I have had the pleasure of naming a new species after the people in the SYNTHESYS team, and I would like they are made aware of this. It is a South African weevil and its name is Bronchus synthesys. The holotype is in the NHM London.”

We are delighted that SYNTHESYS has been recognised in this way and appreciate that this is a real sign of the far-reaching benefits of the project.  We wish Dr. Alonso-Zarazaga, together with all of our SYNTHESYS Users, ongoing success in his research. His full article can be read here:

There is at least one other species named after the project, the millipede Apfelbeckia synthesys (Stoev & Enghoff, 2008).

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