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SYNTHESYS+ Transnational Call 4 launching 19th April 2022

22 Mar 2022

The SYNTHESYS+ consortium will accept applications for its 4th and final Transnational Access call between 19 April - 15 June 2022, 17.00 UK time. 

The Transnational Access stream of the project facilitates and allocates funds for visits to collections and research infrastructures (including lab facilities) in a country where the user does not work. Funds allow external scientists to be hosted for a short time at consortium institutions. It is essential that every SYNTHESYS+ visitor to any institution makes contact with a host and that the host agrees to support the research proposal.

SYNTHESYS+ is the largest network of natural science institutions ever coordinated under the SYNTHESYS banner. It comprises of:

·        21 world-leading collections-holding institutions

·        The combined might of the European branches of the global natural science organisations (GBIF, TDWF, GGBN, and CETAF)

·       Commercial partners who will assist in the development of AI and other technologies, that will transform the way specimen data are refined, digitised, and made openly available.

All successful visits must take place before the end of June 2023. We hope that all remaining COVID-delayed visits from Call 1-3 will take place later this year and successful applicants who have not yet completed their visit should please contact their TAF administrator as soon as possible to arrange your visit.

All applications will be assessed impartially and using a weighted scoring system. This system will consider the strength of proposed research, supporting statements, whether they address societal challenges, and other grounds of merit. Scoring will be made by a User Selection Panel (USP).

Overall the project plans to offer over 7,000 funded visitor days. 

The applications portal will go live on 19 April 2022 via the SYNTHESYS+ website. Content on the website is still being updated, but please do direct colleagues and collaborators to this information wherever possible. 


Contact for more information. 


A list of facilities on offer at each research institution will be available shortly.


Click here for information on each member institution. 

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