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TA and VA call deadlines extended

14 Apr 2021

Due to popular demand, alongside continued interest in the SYNTHESYS Access programme whilst other nations enter (or depart) states of lockdown, we have decided to extend both our Transnational Access and Virtual Access deadlines, by three weeks respectively. Apply today. 

  • New Transnational Access Call 3 deadline: 7 May, 2021 (17.00 UK time)
  • New Virtual Access Call 2 deadline: 11 June, 2021 - but contact a VA Coordinator by 14 May.

SYNTHESYS+ offers two forms of collections access and associated funding. Transnational Access (TA) grants awards to researchers to undertake short collections research at visits any one of our TA installations. Funding will cover the cost of travel, accomodation, and a stipend. TA visits will only be hosted later in 2021 and 2022 when travel between the researcher's home nation, and the nation to which they have applied, is safe and advisable.

 Virtual Access (VA) covers the costs for digitisation of collection item(s), on behalf of a research community  who would benefit from the digitised data (Please note: VA funds do not go to the Requester, but instead cover the costs of digitisation work at the named institutions). 

Applications for both TA and VA can be submitted on our new applications platform, the European Loans and Visits System (ELViS); a link to this can be found on our Access page. Please read all TA and VA information thoroughly before applying, and the SYNTHESYS+ Management Team wishes you good luck with your proposals! 


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Apply today

SYNTHESYS+ Transnational Access accepts submissions worldwide. 

Click here to apply for Transnational Access - deadline 7 May. 

SYNTHESYS+ Virtual Access supports global research communities by digitising collections on demand. 

Click here to apply for Virtual Access - deadline 11 June (contact VA Coordinators by 14 May)